Chad Long Magic

Jul 2010
Jun 2010

Introducing FLASH!

I've always loved the color-changing knives, but thought it could use a modern update. Flash drives were my first choice, but I didn't do anything with it for 4 or 5 years. Finally, after lots of hard work, changes and experimentation, FLASH is finally ready. I had these custom-made, and they handle perfectly. In fact, I've been using my set for over a year and the reactions have been great. Laymen love it, and the ending drives them crazy! It's perfect for strolling gigs, corporate functions or out on the street.

Although the full instructions are in the package, I'm going to have a few videos on the site for the purchasers of FLASH. These will include performances, bonus ideas and handling tips. Keep checking back, as they'll be up soon. Take care and I hope you enjoy FLASH as much as I do...